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Severely Matted - Homeless Dog Enjoys A Spa Day with Sit Stay Style Mobile Pet Spa

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

This morning, as I lay in bed listening to the rain, thinking about whether I should get into some long over due project OR lay around and use the weather as my excuse not to, my cell phone dings... It was a text, from my from my friends at the Humane Society of Harford County. "We've got a little Shih Tzu mix who has just come off of stray hold and DESPERATELY needs grooming... any chance you're able to come groom him today?"

Now, I must admit... I LOATHE running grooming appointments on rainy days! The humidity makes dry time SO much longer, walking to and from the homes in the rain is no fun, and it sends me home looking like a frizz ball myself! So, volunteering on a gloomy Sunday... I'd be lying if I said I didn't contemplate staying under the covers and clicking on the TV but I am sure glad I didn't!

Meet Benny! The shelter guesses he is about a year or two. He has sweet, young, button eyes, and his little "chicklet like" teeth that stick out on the bottom are pearly white and seem to confirm that he truly is just a young guy.

HSHC doesn't really have any history on him since he was brought to them as a stray by Animal Control. He was slightly timid at first, but warmed up very quickly and just wanted to be snuggled. He smelled like he looked! An ode of stale urine and yeasty wet dog that I continue to smell on myself even as I write this.... NOTE TO SELF, go take (another) shower! His matting was so severe it was beginning to pull away from his skin causing bald random spots.

Can you see where his poor tail was?
Benny's coat sheared off in one solid piece.

He seemed grateful with every dread lock that hit the ground. Once I got him pretty much clear of matts, it was time to soak! That skin needed a good anti bacterial wash but more than anything, I wanted him to soak in a soothing skin treatment. His entire body was so tightly matted that it sheared off in almost one sheet! It's a shame that the hair was so nasty because he could most certainly use a sweater post shave and this would have been the perfect fit, ha!

I've transformed MANY neglected dogs in my 15 years of grooming and each is as rewarding as the last. I will never get enough of seeing them wag their tails and prance happily after being freed from a coat that was not only painful and damaging to their skin but it hides their true look and personality. This is ESPECIALLY detrimental in shelter pets as people may pass by their kennel simply because they smell terrible or their coats make them appear to be unhealthy and even unapproachable.

I love highlighting these pets so that everyone can see how they really shine underneath all that mess! If you're in the market for a new furry family member, Benny and many of his friends are available for adoption at the Humane Society of Harford County. You can visit to view all of the shelters adoptable pets! You can also find what items the shelter is in need of (donations) and also sign up to volunteer at the shelter.

I'm sure Benny is going to find a home in no time at all, so stay tuned for the next pooch in need to cross my path as I'm sure you'll see them shared on my Blog!

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