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Spa Bathing Service

*does not include any hair trimming 

Spa Trim & Styling Service


*for coated dogs requiring haircut.

Pamper your dog with the ultimate luxury dog grooming experience. Your dog's care and well-being is our number one concern. All grooming services are all inclusive. Every pet receives a warm massaging hydro bath, remoisturizing oil treatment, hand blow dry and de shedding treatment, nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning/ plucking, UV coat protectant, tooth brushing and breath treatment. Coated dogs will receive a clip style of your choice at your request. For a specific price quote, please text or email me a  CURRENT photo of your pet. For an accurate quote, the photo must be from the same day as the inquiry. 

Text 410-914-PAWS



Dog Grooming


Cat Grooming

$140/hour for the 1st hour. $60/hour for any additional time over 1 hour.


Nail Trim House Call

$50 minimum house call fee for one nail trim.

$16 for each additional nail trim.



Professional cat grooming is the solution for turning a smelly, oily, dirty cat into a super soft, lovely-smelling joy to have on your lap. Many believe that cats can fully "groom themselves" but those sand paper tongues are not equipped to remove mats from their fur, shampoo dandruff out of their coat, or clip sharp tips off their claws. My prices are ALL inclusive.  

Avoid the stress and hassle of loading the pets in the car and driving out to the vet or pet store for a simple nail trim. Let me come to you for your pet's pawdicure needs!


*No maximum weight limits for nail trim services.

$120/ hour for the first hour. $60 per hour for any time beyond 1 hour. 
*most small dogs can be completed in roughly one hour.

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